Saturday, 19 November 2011

Here are some common points between a Hijabi Muslimah and a queen :

* both are dressed modestly 

a queen dresses modestly because it’s obligation for her to do so
a Hijabi Muslimah dresses modestly because she is obeying her Lord

*both have high status
a queen’s status is raised the moment she inherits her title and crown
a Hijabi Muslimah’s status is raised the moment she puts her true crown (Hijab) to please her Lord

* both should not shake hands with everyone
there are only certain people who can shake hands with Queen
a Hijabi Muslimah don’t shake hands with strange men (non mahram)

* both are respected 
they bow down in the presence of a queen
True Muslim men bow their heads forward and lower their gaze on the presence of Muslimah

* Both are proud
a queen is proud with her bloodline
a Hijabi is proud to be a Muslimah

*Both are important
A queen is important in creatures eyes
A Hijabi Muslimah, as an obedient servant of Allah, is important in her Creator's Eyes

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

To My Future Wife

Sometimes I really wish you’d hurry up and come along. And I’m sure that you feel the same way too sometimes. But I know that it will happen when the time is right, and both of us are ready. So until then, I pray that Allah(SWT) will continue to mould me into the man that I need to be for you, and I pray that Allah(SWT) is doing the same for you. I cannot wait to one day meet you and begin the rest of our lives together.
By a Muslim Brother

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Importance of our parents

“Give thanks to Me(Allah) and your parents.” [Quran: 31:14]

There is a great need to remind ourselves of the importance of our parents, our role with them and the conduct we should apply to them. I wanted to share some of these Prophetic Narrations, which most of us have read, heard or come across during our life's.

‘Abdullah ibn ‘Umar said, “The pleasure of the Lord lies in the pleasure of the parent. The anger of the Lord lies in the anger of the parent.” Ibn ‘Abbas said, “If any Muslim obeys Allah regarding his parents, Allah will open two gates of the Garden for him. If there is only one parent, then one gate will be opened. If one of them is angry, then Allah will not be pleased with him until that parent is pleased with him.” He was asked, “Even if they wrong him?” “Even if they wrong him” he replied.

Abu Hurayra said, “The Prophet was asked, ‘Messenger of Allah, to whom should I be dutiful?’ ‘Your mother,’ he replied. He was asked, ‘Then whom?’ ‘Your mother,’ he replied. He was asked, ‘Then whom?’ ‘Your mother,’ he replied. He was asked, ‘Then whom?’ ‘Your mother,’ he replied. He was asked, ‘Then whom?’ He replied, ‘Your father.‘”

Abu Hurayra reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Three supplications are answered without a doubt: the supplication of someone who is oppressed, the supplication of someone on a journey, and the supplication of parents for their children.”

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Muslim Brotherhood

Assalmu Alaikum to my Brothers and Sisters!!

We are so busy arguing about whether we should unfold or fold our hands in prayer while our enemy is thinking of ways to cut them off. 

Do not focus on the differences of this ummah; find our similarities and strengthen them. and once we have found them, deplete the arrogance. Once we realize that the ultimate truth is with Allah - even if we do believe we are fully correct - sit down with your brother and sister and share your Islamic knowledge.

Do not belittle anyone, do not degrade your brothers in faith, and do not believe your Islam is more Islamic than the others. 

Humble your heart, your mind, and your energy to study Islam. Once we have depleted our ego and arrogance, thats when we as the Ummah can be considered successful Muslims.

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JazakAllah Khair

Monday, 3 October 2011

Why should I Marry Her???

Once, there was a very handsome, pious, well educated young man, whose parents compelled him to get married. They had seen so many marriage proposals, and he had turned them all down. The parents thought that, it was becoming a little ridiculous or suspected that he may have someone else in mind.
However every time the parents left the girl's house, the young man would always say:
 'she is not the one for me'.
The young man only wanted a girl who was religious and practicing, however one evening his mother arranged for him, to meet a girl, who was religious, and practicing. On that evening, the young man, and girl, were left to talk, and ask each other questions. (As one would expect). The young man, being a gentleman that he was allowed, the lady to ask first.
The young girl asked the young man so many questions, she asked about his life, his education, his friends, his family, his habits, his hobbies, his lifestyle, his enjoyment, his pastime, his experiences, even his shoe size. The young man replied to all of her questions, politely, without tiring, and with a smile. The young girl took up nearly all of the time, over an hour, and felt bad, and asked the young man: "Do you have any questions for me?"
The young man said, "It's ok". I only have 3 questions.The young girl thought, "Wow, only 3 questions okay, shoot". The young man's first question was, "Whom do you love the most ?" She said, "This is an easy question; my mother", she replied and smiled.
Second question, he asked, "You said that you read a lot of Qur'an, could you tell me which surahs you know the meaning of?"
Hearing this she went red and embarrassed and said, I do not know the meaning of any yet, but I am hoping to learn few soon insha'allah. I've just been a bit busy.
The third question the young man asked was, "I have been approached for my hand in marriage, by girls that are more prettier than you, so why should I marry you?"
Hearing this the young girl was outraged, she stormed off to her parents with fury, and said I do not want to marry this man, he is insulting my beauty, and intelligence. And the young man and his parents, were once again, left without an agreement of marriage. This time, the young mans parents were really angry, and said what did you do to anger that girl, the family was so nice, pleasant, and they were religious like you wanted. "What did you ask the girl??" Tell us !
The young man said, "Firstly I asked her, whom do you love the most? she said, her mother."
The parents said "So, what is wrong with that??" The young man said, ''No one, is Muslim, until he loves Allah, and his/her messenger (saw) more than anyone else in the world. If a woman loves Allah and the Prophet (pbuh) more than anyone, she will love me and respect me, and stay faithful to me, because of that love, and fear for Allah (swt), and we can share this love, because this love is greater than lust for beauty".
The young man said, "Then I asked, you read a lot of Qur'an, can you tell me the meaning of any surah? And she said no, because I haven't had time yet. So I thought of that hadith
"The world is accursed - cursed is all that is in it, except for the dhikr of Allah and all that is related to it, or an alim, or a student."It is recorded in al-Jami as-Sagheer. She has lived 20 years by now and didn't had any time, to seek knowledge of Qur'an, How can I marry a woman, who does not know her rights, and responsibilities, and what will she teach my children, except how to be negligent, because the woman is the madrasa (school) and the best of teachers to her children.
"The third question I asked her was, that a lot of girls, more prettier than her, had approached me for marriage, so why should I choose you? Upon this, she stormed off, getting angry". The young man's parents said "That was a horrible thing to ask, why did you do ask that question, we are going back there to apologise". The young man said "I said this for a specific purpose, to test whether she could control her anger or not. The Prophet (saw) said 'do not get angry, do not get angry, do not get angry' when asked how to become pious; because anger is from Satan. If a woman cannot control her anger with a stranger she has just met,do you think she will be able to control it with her husband??".

Hadith About Food

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Our Beloved Prophet (SAW) and his Wives

Prior to the Hijarat, the family of the Holy Prophet Mohammedpbuh consisted of Hazrat Khadijah r.a and her children and she never had rival in her husband’s heart. And until the day of her death, she was his sole and beloved spouse.
Till his first wife was alive, he did not get married to any other woman, but later due to religious needs and social compulsions he had to get married several times. Out of them, nine of his wives were alive at the time of his departure from this mortal world.
She was a widow. He married her after the death of his first wife Hazrat Khadijahr.a
He married her in Mecca but she came to live with him only after he had come to Madina. She was the daughter of Siqqia-e-Akbarr.a.  The Prophetpbuh lover her very much. She was the most learned of all the women among all of his wives. Of all his wives, she was the only one who had not been married before. All the other wives were either widows or divorcees.
She was the daughter of Hazrat Umar Farooqr.a. She was widowed between the battles of Badar and Uhud.
She was very compassionate to the poor, and she was called the Ummul Masakeen, that is Mother of the poor. Her first husband died a martyr’s death during the Battle of Uhud.
She was also a widow, her husband was martyred in the Battle of Uhud. She had been among the first Muslims to migrate to Abyssinia.
She was the daughter of the Prophet’s PHUB aunt. At first, she was married to Hazarat Zaid Bin Haarisah, who was the Prophet’s adopted son. When Hazarat Zaid divorced her, Allah ordered him to marry her through a revelation in the Qur’an (33:37) to bring about an end to the primitive custom prevalent at that time that adopted sons were given the same status and importance as natural sons, and through this marriage he put an end to this belief.
She was the daughter of a Jewish knight. She was brought as a captive of the war of Banu Mustaliq. She first came as a captive to Hazrat Sobit but the ProphetPBUH freed her after the payment of compensation.
She belonged to the Bani Israel. She was captured during the battle of Khaibar, and brought to Madina. He set her free and later on, he married her.
She was married to Abdulla. But Abdullah Mulke went to Abyssinia and embraced Christianity, forsaking Islam. But Umme Habibar.a refused to give up her religion. The King of Abyssinia got her married to the ProphetPBUH and sent her to Madina.
He married her in the seventh year of hijrat, after he had come back from performing the Umrah.
He also had two slave girls. One of them was Mariya Qabtiyar.a who was sent to him by the King of Egypt as a gift. His other slave girl was Rehana Bint Zaidr.a. She was brought among the captives of war.
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